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Sorting Saturday: Getting Grandma Up to Date

With my grandma’s recent health scare, the kids and I have been spending more time over at her house helping out and just hanging out.  The other day, we were going through some of her albums when I realized that the one holding all of her obituaries, funeral cards, and headstone photos was a bit old.  Okay, old, well that’s fine…EXCEPT, that the pages she was using were the kind that were self-stick — with the glue that is not so good for the longevity of documents.  And this wasn’t the only one like this she had.

Okay, well now we have a project for the next few weeks.

My grandma has been the family historian for years — a lot of years actually.  She is the one with all the photos and documents and newspaper clippings and well, actually everything.  And she is quite well-organized in her own way.  But, if her house caught fire tomorrow, all of that would be gone.  There are no electronic backups safely tucked away with someone else and I don’t think that there is anyone in our family who could name the people in half of the pictures she has.  So, today we went out and got what we needed to get her up to date.  And, in addition to transferring all of the photos and clippings to a place where they will be safe for years to come, we are also taking this as an opportunity to scan and back up everything.  We have flash drives and a tape recorder because I want to make sure that in 20…30…50…100 years, the future generations will know who is in the photographs and how exactly they are related to our family.

So, as we get ready to take on this rather large project, I ask, are you up to date on your storage and organization?

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